I’ve gotten feedback that reading my blog feels like they are invading my privacy and honestly I guess that’s what I wanted. I wanted to be so open and honest with myself that I can realize all that’s going on isn’t the end of the world and it does not define me. The poem I wrote yesterday came from visiting a friend and realizing that I was still holding on to that part and honestly I wanted to release it so I have a fresh clean slate.

I got this thing done on my face and I’ve been using it as an excuse not to cry and it has honestly been working. I still feel tired and lethargic but baby steps! I am excited about a lot of things honestly… But the main one is getting my walk right with God again. I remember that when my walk was good I was at the “weirdest” I’ve ever been and I was totally okay with it. I loved immensely, I prayed for people, I volunteered. I’m ready. I’ve also attached something that I always remember to read when I’m feeling down. It’s a letter made up of bible verses. I love it

Here are some steps that I’m taking towards self-improvement:

  1. Attend church every Sunday
  2. Read my bible and pray daily
  3. Join a mid week bible study
  4. Pass my class
  5. Join the MMA gym
  6. Get my focus back into getting promoted
  7. Burst out of my bubble and love on people
  8. Stop secluding myself and accept more invitations to do things.

Fresh slates no matter how they arrive

are the beginnings to greatness

Things twist and turn and seem difficult

but ultimately are the grand opening to what is yet to come

I used to fear things like this because I saw it as a reflection of my shortcomings

But God has made me for so much greater He preps me for my homecoming

Back to Him

Back to completeness

Back to the image He formed me into

I am a daughter of the King

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  1. What’s wrong with being honest? What’s wrong with being genuine? Being true to yourself and being rejected by people is fine. GOD will always accept you for being authentic


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