An update… please connect to Wi-Fi and charge to 50%

A lot has changed in the past year. I feel like I finally managed to pull it all together. For those who don’t know me in “real life” I recently got married. I met this amazing man of mine sorta online and sorta at the gym. Piggy-backing off my last post… i actually did do the things I committed to doing and I actually met him at the MMA gym I wanted to join lol well kind of… we went to the same gym and that’s why I added him on Instagram. I noticed he would always post bible verses and I would react to them and we would have small little conversations here and there. Our little conversations became deeper and it was nice to have someone to talk to that kinda understood what I was feeling. I would go to him at times when I felt really sad with the hope that we wouldn’t meet in real life so I was able to just unleash it all. I’m not gonna lie when I first added him on Instagram I felt kind of like he was a super start which normal people like m don’t get to date (he’s a pro MMA fighter)

We ended up meeting on my birthday, we had coffee and soy-rizo lol (I no longer drink coffee but I do eat soy-rizo… I turned pretty much Vegan lol… more on that later). After that day I wasn’t sure if he “liked me liked me” or whether we were good friends. I didn’t know for sure until he asked me to be his valentines date. (My birthday is the 12th of February). He now tells me he knew since he saw my big ol smile that he would marry me.

My husband is one of the most amazing men I have met. When we first started dating I felt almost like he was faking just to woo me. After more time I realized he loves in a very different way and what I thought was him faking it was actually a way I had not seen expressed before. He is so open and expressive and chooses to love deeply. He is what I like to call very lovey. He enjoys hugs and kisses and constantly reminds me of my worth and who I am in Christ. On days when I’m sad he brings me up and allows me to vent. He makes me smile with his overly dorky demeanor and his sense of humor. I truly am so blessed by him.

I am training MMA, I went through a year of being discipled and am actually going to start a discipleship group of my own where I will disciple others as well as a bible study which I hope can help people struggling with anxiety and depression.

I admit there are still days when I get anxiety and there are days when I have to slow my mind down but it definitely is not as bad as it used to be. The depression went away… I took anti depressants for maybe four months then decided I would trust God with healing me instead and stopped taking the pills altogether. My husband has taught me to take deep breaths when my mind races and I feel like that has helped so very much. I think on my next post I will write some stuff that I did that helped me heal from depression along with God as my ultimate healer. Below I’ve posted my husband and I ❤️

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